Member Care Training Seminar

September 17-21, 2018

Receive practical training in learning to care for missionaries and other ministers of the Gospel in order to help them stay in ministry. This seminar is for people with a heart for providing spiritual, practical, and emotional support to these workers. Shepherds Watch and YWAM are holding this seminar.

Topics covered:

*Basic Member care: Principles and methods
*Levels of member care
*The Shepherd’s Model for Pastoral Care
*Realities of field life
*Healthy Missionaries
*the Church’s role in Caring for Missionaries
*Caring for families, Missionary kids, and singles in missions
*Handling stress to avoid burnout
*communication / conflict resolution
*Debriefing Teams and Individuals
*Testimonies and personal experience in Member care ministry
*practical application of member care skills


$125 per person
Cost includes noon meals


Vineyard Christian Fellowship
2182 Old Russellville Pike
Clarksville, TN 37043


Contact Ted & Snook Sebaugh at or 615.389.1727