God moves through compassion

Pictured: Left: Trish Right: Ellie at Grace Center

YWAM-Nashville regularly runs Discipleship Training Schools that include a three month training phase before students and staff embark on an 8 week outreach. This school had a two week outreach in Alabama and Mississippi before heading to Puerto Rico. While sharing their faith in Alabama, Ellie and Bri (two DTS students) saw God powerfully minister to a lady in a desperate hour of her life. Ellie shares the story about how God helped her overcome the enemy’s lies leading to a defining moment for a young lady named Trish.

“I was feeling very discouraged. The enemy attacks me by saying my voice doesn’t matter, no one cares, etc. I didn’t want to talk to anybody. My friend and I ended up walking past a lady who seemed to recognize me from somewhere. As we walked past each other, we both turned around and looked at each other. My friend and I asked if we could pray for her before knowing her story. She was moved to tears, saying, “y’all have no idea how badly I need prayer right now. 2017 was the hardest year of my life.” We stood there for 20 minutes listening to her story before kneeling on the floor in the middle of the mall, holding hands and praying. She had lost her brother, went through a divorce, lost her job, and lost her home in a fire set by an intruder. She suffered from depression. My heart aches for her.

As we were talking, I saw dark spirits trying to attack her, but the angels surrounded her and fought them off. It was like God was saying, “She is My daughter!! You have no authority over her. I will protect her!” She was in tears. She is a believer, but her faith was becoming weak. We prayed, in the middle of the mall, and wept. Eventually, her 3 children came by and we were able to pray with them! This beautiful woman came to church with us at Grace House that Sunday. She said, “This service rocked my world in the best way. I needed this. Thank you. Thank you for praying for me before you even knew my story. You inspired me.” God encouraged her that night, and it encouraged me, too. He heard her hurt and caught her tears. There was a reason our paths crossed. God knew her and I needed each other that night. It was a blessing to bless my new friend Trish.”

Please continue to keep Ellie, Bri, and the rest of the DTS in your prayers as they are currently ministering in Puerto Rico through the first week of March!

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