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In His last words on earth, Jesus commanded us to continue the work He devoted His life to: spreading the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. At YWAM Nashville, we provide challenging and life-changing training opportunities to fulfill this Great Commission.


Our Training Schools are designed to give our students an environment where they can learn to know God in a deeper, more intimate way. The goal, of course, is to send them out and share the goodness of God to the nations!


Jesus said to GO and preach the Gospel to every creature. Evangelism is more than preaching while standing on a street corner, or going door to door. It is a way of life. Being salt and light wherever we go, in speech, action and attitude.

Mercy Ministries

In Matthew 25 Jesus paints a very vivid word picture of the Shepherd dividing the sheep from the goats. In this scene, Jesus has extremely harsh words for the people who overlook the outcasts and poor and needy around us.

What is Youth with a mission?

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