Find Community. Discover your Purpose.
Go to the Nations.


Find Community. Discover your Purpose.
Go to the Nations.

Your season to GO DEEP.

The world needs sons and daughters, fully alive. In fact, all creation is eagerly awaiting this very thing, for the freedom of the glory of the children of God (Rom. 8:19-21).  The DTS is not simply a ministry school. It is set a apart time to seek the face of the Father, to discover what his dreams are, what your true identity is, to find out what it means to be a part of the church, and discover how you are called impact the nations.

At a glance


September 22, 2021 -
March 12, 2022


Mentorship Phase:
Adams, Tennessee
Outreach Phase:
Announced in Mentorship Phase


Total School Cost:
(tuition + airfare)

The Elements

1. Mentorship Phase

In this first stage of the school, you will spend 3 months on our beautiful 120-acre campus. This intensive season will require the majority of your time; between class, intentional group activities and local ministry. Every week you’ll have the opportunity to seek God as you are immersed to insightful teaching by gifted speakers. Our dedicated staff will be walking alongside you, ready to offer their support and guidance. The whole experience takes place in close community with your fellow students, providing a rich atmosphere for growth. The Mentorship Phase costs $3,590, which is due prior to arrival.

2. Outreach Phase

In the second stage, you will set out on a 2 month, cross-cultural mission trip, where you will share the love of Jesus to a broken and seeking world through evangelism, creative arts, and mercy ministry. Stepping out of your familiar environment and into the challenges of outreach provides the setting for the Lord to work on deeper things in your heart, as well as solidify things you learned in the Mentorship Phase. The outreach costs $5,000, which includes all necessary expenses. After the outreach there will be a week long debrief leading up to graduation day.


Intimacy with God must be the foundation of everything we do and everything we are. He is a loving Father who desires to lead you and teach you how to be free and live life to the fullest in every aspect. This is your season to cultivate a deeper relationship with the Creator of the Universe.
  •  Speaking topics such as Hearing God’s Voice, The Bible, The Character and Nature of God, and more.
  • Time, resources, and guidance to equip you to confidently engage directly with the Lord.
  • A beautiful 120-acre campus, that allows for you to come away as Jesus did, silence many of the voices and distractions, and focus in on the Father’s voice.


Family is the vehicle through which the Lord wants to bring His Kingdom. None of us on our own is enough, we must be joined to the Body of Christ, the Church. This is your season to grow in relating to others.
  • Speaking topics such as Kingdom of God, Relationships, and more.
  •  Small groups and one-on-ones, where you will be able to process what the Lord is doing in your life in smaller, intentional settings.
  • Community living, including dorm-style sleeping arrangements, community meals, campus projects, and more.
  • Corporate worship and prayer times.
  • Connecting and working with churches and other organizations


You are made in the image of God, and you carry a unique piece of His heart that the world needs. You have a unique blend of passions, giftings, and callings that the Lord has placed in them. This is your season to discover what He has placed in you.

  • Speaking topics such as identity, spiritual warfare, evangelism, and more.
  • Time, resources, and guidance in discovering your created purpose and how the Lord wants to use you to impact the world.
  • Immersion in a creative community of experienced world-changers.


You are called to missions. You are called to reach out to the lost and broken and call them into intimacy with the Father and into a family. This is your season to get trained and seek where God is calling you to be.

  • Weekly local outreaches, partnering with different ministries around the Nashville area.
  • 2 month cross-cultural outreach.
  • Access to a world-wide missions family that opens up, literally, a world of possibilities.


What do we expect of our students?

  • That you are hungry, willing to cast aside every hindrance and the sin that so easily entangles to fix your eyes on Jesus.
  • That you are teachable. Discipleship can only happen if you are willing to be taught, encouraged, corrected, and guided.
  • That you will be honoring of the staff. We are not perfect and should remain teachable ourselves, but you are submitting yourself under the authority of the staff for this season. They are dedicating themselves to see you grow and championed as a passionate lover of Jesus.
  • That you will be honoring of the policies and guidelines. These are put in place so that it remains a set apart place and season.
  • That you will be honoring of the schedule and time-tables laid out. These have been carefully prayed through and considered.
  • That you will be honoring of people. The Lord’s dream is family, and that only works when we are honoring of each other in thoughts, words, and deeds, as ones made in the image of God, whom Jesus died for, and utterly adores.
Our heart is to create a culture within the school that produces life and Kingdom values. If these are not true of you, this season will be awkward for the staff, the other students, and yourself.

What can our students expect of us?

  • That we are here for you.
  • That we are for you.
  • That we believe in what the Lord says about you over what the enemy, the world, your family, your past, or even you yourself say about you.
  • That we are committed to you.
  • That we will encourage you.
  • That we will offer guidance.
  • That we are praying for you.
  • That we will challenge you and call you higher.


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The accommodations for all single students will be dormitory style. The accommodations for families will be one room or more depending on the housing available and the number of children in the family. Students can expect to share restroom facilities with their roommates. Because of limited  space in the dorms, please limit the number of personal items you bring.

Most of the weekends will be filled with free time although some weekends may be used for ministry or other school functions. Therefore, we ask that you do not make plans for personal holidays or nights away without first clearing it with your school leader or school staff.

We will not have thanksgiving week off. We may continue with the normal DTS schedule or have a fun meal together. For Christmas, you can expect to take a weeklong break before returning to jump right into outreach. 

Your family and friends are welcome to send you mail and packages during you DTS at the address below. Please have them write “DTS” next to your name. Our mailing address is:

Your Name – DTS

5801 Keysburg RD

Adams, TN 37010

All transportation for the school will be covered by the staff. Additional transportation such as weekend free time trips, are not guaranteed, but most of the time arrangements can be made. We encourage students to bring their own cars because we are not in walking distance of any major stores. We also want you to explore Nashville on the weekends! We have a parking area available so your car can stay here while you are on outreach.

Yes! Your schedule will be very busy during the week, but there may be some weekends with no planned activities. We have a limited amount of hospitality rooms available for guests. Those are great for your friends and family to come stay with us! You can check availability by sending an email to hospitality@ywamnashville.org. It is a good idea to book in advance, as these rooms fill up quickly.

Different outreach locations require different attire and gear as the climate of countries varies greatly. We will go over the specifics with you on the country we are going to during one of the outreach prep sessions when you get here. A few things you can count on needing are: 

  • large hiking pack (50-65L)
  • a day pack (20-40L)
  • travel pillow
  • quick dry towel
  • good walking shoes